Marquette Senior League Hockey 

"Come for the Game...Stay for the Beer" 

*2018-19 Marquette Senior League Hockey Information*

1. League Rules

2. Goalie List

3. Referee List

4. League Director List

1. League Rules

2018-2019 Rules 

***All “IIHF” Playing Rules will be enforced with the following changes***

Game Enforcement

1.  - Each game will begin with a 1 minute warm-up followed by two 22 minute run time periods. At referee discretion, time can be altered.

2.  - No Timeouts.
3.  - Teams may switch ends.
4.  - Teams must meet minimum requirements of 6 roster skaters or 5 roster skaters and a goalie at start of game.
5.   - Penalties are run time as follows 2:00 Minor, 5:00 Major, 10:00 Misconduct.
6.   - All players, goalies and teams must be approved, and financial obligation needs to be approved by the League.
7.   - Teams responsible for pucks.
8.   - Defensive Blue line icing will be observed at all levels. (No icing last 2 Minutes).
9.   - The center-line will not be used for off-sides. (2 line pass is legal).
    10. - The league will use tag-up off-sides.
11. - No slap shots (waist level deemed legal). Whistle will result as a high stick infraction.
12. - Referee will drop puck in timely manner. (Even if player or players are not present).
13. - Goal can be called at referee discretion if net is dislodged by a goalie or defender/actions.
14. - High stick whistle and hand pass infractions can be held in either neutral or defensive zone of offending team.
15. - Referee has discretion on Delay of Game penalty. (Penalty or Penalty shot can be awarded).
16. - All skaters must meet age division requirements. (Goalies no age requirements, but must play position unless approved by league to play as a skater).
17. -  There will be no body checking or fighting. (Major body checking or fighting will lead into a Game ejection and possible League hearing).
    18. -  A player who receives multiple game misconducts in a season may be expelled pending League Director's discretion.
19. - Players will be skating at their own risk.
20. - Puck hitting mesh netting behind net is playable.
21. - Team Representatives and League Director will enforce each League.
22. - Any player needs play 1 game in Regular Season to be eligible before playoffs
23. - Both leagues (Referee Pay) $20 each game.
24. - Forfeits occur if a team can’t meet minimum requirement of 5 roster skaters and a goalie or 6 roster skaters, or if a team refuses to play a team with minimum qualifications.  A forfeit will occur if a team plays a sub, suspended, or illegal player. If a situation occurs when both teams can't meet minimum requirements than both teams are credited with a loss.  A team winning by forfeit will be credited with a 7-0 victory.                                           

1. - Regular Season Standings - (Win 2 Points, Tie 1 Point, Loss 0 Points).

2. - Playoff Season Standings - (Win 2 Points, Tie 1 Point,  Loss 0 Points). 

3. - Standings Tiebreaker Procedure - (1. Most Points. 2. Most Wins. 3.  Head to Head Point Total. 4. Goals For/Goals Against all Games. 5. Most Goals For all Games. 6. Coin Toss).

4. - Playoff games are same rules.

5. - No Overtime.


1. - Each Team in League will have 1 vote by their Team Representative.  In the event of a split vote, the League Director will have a final vote.  If the League Director is the Team Representative their vote will count as an additional 2nd vote in the case of a split vote. 

2. - Game protest/issues must be submitted to the League Director within 24 hours after game. If any other issues arise before/after games they must be submitted to the League Director immediately.

3. - Any Game protests or issues regarding two teams can be settled by League Director. Unless the League Directors team is involved than a neutral third party needs to be assembled within the League.

4. - All Information can be found at the following League website.

2. Goalie List

Mike Modosh 906-458-0884 (18+)

Jon Hill 906-250-7350 (18+)

Gabe Daavettila 517-304-5535 (18+)

Brett Beaudry 906-869-3374 (18+)

Aaron Labelle 906-273-0997 (18+)

Brandan Knopp 989-619-2893 (18+)

Alex Wickstrom 906-869-0548 (18+)

Scott Taylor  906-869-6489 (40+)

Reid Derosie 906-360-1090 (40+)

Andy Winslow 906-361-1777 (40+)

Paul Knox 906-236-9733 (40+)

Ryan Sullivan 906-360-1243 (40+)

John Bertrum 906-221-9318 (40+)

Pete Polini 480-309-0166 (Sub)

Zach Kooi 616-638-4193 (Sub)

Rick Garrow 906-362-9363 (Sub)

Jason Lemere 906-360-2890 (Sub)

Tom Fure 906-250-9733 (Sub)

Tony Kyto 906-360-6737 (Sub)

Alex Latvala 614-582-7920 (Sub)

John Balmat 906-250-0408 (Sub)

Mike Caster 906-360-7508 (Sub)

Ken Holman 906-362-0816 (Sub)

Joe Berglund 906-221-9318 (Sub)

Brennon Wachter 231-420-6001 (Sub)

3. Referee List

Brad Sullivan 906-360-8592

Dan L'Esperance 906-250-9063

Craig Robbert 906-235-7316

Tom Erspamer 906-360-9986 

Clayton Lemire 906-869-0510

4. League Director  List

Kevin Thompson 906-236-3605 (18+)

Tom Sullivan 906-235-0391 (40+)